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We Enhance Accent.
In real time.
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InTone is an AI-powered voice platform that helps people from different cultures communicate better by enhancing accents in real-time
We Drive Results For Call Centers And BPOs
Increase profitability and operational efficiency
Improve sales for outbound and decrease Average Handling Time and Call Abandonment Rate for inbound
Drive customer satisfaction
Grow CSAT to increase existing partnership and find new market opportunities
Decrease costs on hiring
Increase the pool of potential hires without lowing your quality standards
How Does It Work
We leverage the most advanced AI models
We do not change words – we improve pronunciation
InTone runs on agents' devices or virtual infrastructure
InTone enhances the accent in real-time with no noticeable lag
Our AI engine works with rare words and technical terms
InTone integrates via virtual microphone with any calling software
Simple To Use. In Any Region. With High Privacy.
Integrates within minutes with any call-center software
Supports 15+ English accents
Runs on-premises, SOC II Type 2 compliant
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